Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Journey of App Development

Well, it's been quite the journey.  

I conceived of a new business and personal app about 2 years ago, and when no one else invented it, I decided to take the plunge myself about 4 months ago and I'm pleased to announce that it has just now been uploaded to the app store and is awaiting approval.  Iphone and Android platforms are in the works.  

I can hear you all asking now -- What?? You developed it first for BlackBerry? What was I thinking??

Well, since it's an app that I really wanted, and since I am a committed BlackBerry user, like most of BB uers are :), I naturally had to develop it for BlackBerry first.  Plus, it integrates a lot of native BlackBerry capability so I assumed it might also be the most challenging.

So I'm not going to tell you about the app just yet, until it is live and available for purchase, but I do want to share some Pinnacle Thoughts with you on the app development process that I have learned along the way. 

I have discovered there are four stages to developing a fully interactive app, not the kind that is basically a miniature web page.  

The four stages are:
1. Conception --- Dream and drawn out how the app will work. Write a features and benefits page. Start searching for names, urls, logos, trademarks and competition. Run it by your most trusted friends.

2. Production --- Hire an App developer and maybe someone who has been through the process before and can speak the technical language.  Utilize a non-disclosure agreement.

3. Place --- upload the App on the online stores.  This is quite a detailed process with many linear steps including getting a business payment system, proving your identity and taxation status, making applications to become a vendor, producing the rights to all third-party content, get the app reviewed and approved, and much, much more.

4.  Promote --- Start writing the marketing plan including public relations and paid online media strategies. Set a budget and make sure your promotion is true to the functionality of the app as completed.  Not all ideas can always be implemented for each platform.
I am working on parts of steps 3 & 4 and looking forward to blogging a bit more about the experience once it has launched on all three platforms! 
Stay tuned!! 
If you've developed an app, what was your experience like? Which of the four steps was your favourite and least favourite? Did i miss a step?  Please add your comments below, I just may do this again!!