Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting on the Front Page of Google: Just Press 1

Like many businesses, we've been getting a lot of calls lately from a 360 area code, who never leaves a message but keeps calling.   It's always a robot caller implying they work for Google and guaranteeing (yes, guaranteeing) to put our business listing on the front page of search engines.   Sometimes I just hang up, but this time.... 

I finally decided to make them stop calling.  I pressed "1" to receive the offer. 

I was put through immediately to a live man who asked me for my name then repeated the offer.  I asked him who the "we" was that could make this happen, and he said they were an SEO company from California.  When I queried about the guarantee however, instead of answering, he quickly asked if Pinnacle Communications was an SEO or marketing company.  When I replied, the line suddenly went dead.  I waited patiently for a transfer or for him to come back on, but nothing. Seemed they didn't want to talk to me anymore, so I hung up.  

Cheated again on learning the secrets of how they can get me on the front page!   A goal more elusive than how one gets the caramel in that chocolate bar. But hopefully, I have now been removed from their data base and the calls will stop.  

Naturally,  I Google'd the phone number, and here's what I found....(scroll through to page two for most recent.)  I'm obviously not the only one who doesn't welcome these calls.

What is the best way to build SEO?  The old fashioned way: through honest online website representation, and following Google's freely available advice.  Hire a reputable local firm or if you're a do-it-yourselfer, try Google's SEO Starter Guide which includes recommendations on:

  • Creating unique, accurate page titles
  • Using meta tags
  • Improving site structure
  • Offering quality content and services
  • Optimizing images
  • Setting up for Mobile search
  • Promotions and Analysis
Good luck, and I hope I've saved you some time, in not Pressing "1".