Friday, December 19, 2014

New Year's Learning Resolutions

There's something refreshing about an incoming year.  Leaving the old, the sad, the tired, behind and moving on to new adventures, exploration and learning!

I came across this book the other day, and am putting it on my reading list for 2015. I've been a fan of Richard Florida since I was fortunate to see him speak in Washington DC quite a few years ago. I've followed his work, and his critics, because I am keenly interested in making our communities, regardless of their size, more welcoming, sustainable, inspiring, and creative.

Florida's latest book, "Atlas of Cities" looks like it has something for everyone!  It is full of infographics, analysis, photos, maps, charts etc.  A dream read for planners, economic developers, communicators, municipal leaders, and consultants.  And if that doesn't excite your holiday reading, it could also be considered to double as a travel book or at the very least, coffee table book!

I am looking forward to the upcoming quiet snowy days and learning something new over the holidays! If you've already got a copy, please share a comment below, or if you have identified other books for your 2015 list, please share those too!

Best wishes to you all for a Happy 2015!